Find Out What You’re Made Of

There’s more to your body than losing or gaining weight. Get the full picture of what you’re made of with the InBody 570 body composition analyzer. We can establish a baseline of where you are. Our body composition analyzer will give you a full report that outlines key elements that will give you or your Personal Trainer the information you need to create a tailored workout plan.

  • Get an accurate measure of your blood pressure, body composition, strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility from the inside out

  • Non-invasive test in only 45 seconds

  • Reach your fitness goals quickly and efficiently by understanding your results

PREPATORY STEPS To ensure consistent testing conditions & most accurate results:

DO maintain your normal fluid intake the day before

DO stand upright for at least 5 minutes

DO remove any socks or pantyhose

DO remove all heavy accessories like jewelry, watches, and jackets

DO warm yourself up for 20 minutes in cold weather

DO use the restroom

DON’T eat or exercise for at least 3 hours

DON’T consume alcohol or excess caffeine for at least 24 hours

DON’T come straight from a shower or use a sauna

DON’T use lotion or ointment on your hands and feet

Disclaimer: Individuals with medical implant devices (i.e. pacemakers or defibrillator) or essential support devices (i.e. patient monitoring systems) must not take the test. The electrical currents of the InBody may disrupt the functionality of life-sustaining medical devices. Please check with your medical provider prior to your scan with any questions. People with prosthetic limbs cannot receive a scan because electrical currents must come in contact with all eight contact points: thumbs, palms, soles, and heels. Women who are on their menstrual cycle or are pregnant are not recommended to test as they may not obtain accurate results due to subtle changes in their hydration and body water levels. Breast implants will be calculated as body fat.