12 Week Transformation

Bridging the Gap from Injury to Performance
12-week transformation is a corrective care program designed to help you become functional again. If you have been sidelined by an injury or if you just are not able to do what you used to as well anymore this is for you. Let us help bridge the gap from injury and dysfunction to performance.

This program starts with a movement assessment to determine where and what deficits are present. From there a customized corrective care plan is developed and scaled based on your progress. We want you to move well.

The human body is an amazing machine, but like all machines, it occasionally requires maintenance and support to keep it running smoothly. As corrective exercise specialists, we help to keep your body machine running well. We provide the maintenance to address the glitches and bugs that limit the movement and performance. Performance is different for everyone. For some, it might mean tending to a goal or tending to a garden, chasing a white ball around the golf course or chasing kids in the backyard. For some it's running 26.2 miles and for others getting around the neighborhood.

Regardless of how you define it our goal is the same for all patients reduce movement dysfunction so that you can move better, feel better, and perform better. Correcting dysfunctional movement requires some detective work to see what is going on. We have a revolutionary Functional Movement Assessment, where our team can analyze the health of your movement patterns so that you can begin to develop corrective approaches to get your body to a healthier, pain-free state!

We do this by looking at three key components of movement the joints, muscles and the nervous system. If we can identify and remove the dysfunction in these three areas the body function and performance return.

human movement

After identifying where your dysfunctions are coming from we can apply corrective and functional exercises that are right for you and your goals.


Corrective exercises aim to address and fix movement compensations and imbalances to improve the overall quality of movement during workouts and throughout everyday life.

Corrective Exercise is used to help assess and determine the root cause of imbalances and faulty movement patterns that lead to issues with posture, balance, and total body coordination.

This reduces the risk of future injuries and sets the foundation for functional training.


Functional Movement is a healthy pattern of motions that every single human being SHOULD be able to perform. Throughout the day the body bends, twists, reaches, and picks things up all day long without much thought and without limitations. Until you could not! Or could not be the same way as before. What if I told you that you probably were moving dysfunctionally prior to the wheels falling off? Yes, motion leaves clues.

Failure to move well can come from a breakdown of any of these systems. We have found that often all three are affected.

Compensations are the body’s response to muscle imbalance, insufficient strength, decreased mobility, instability, and altered balance that keep you from performing. Essentially it is borrowing from one muscle group to pay another. This taxes the body and if left uncorrected over time this can lead to injury and we don’t want that!
Our goal is to assure your body movements are Functional and strong enough to maintain health that will last a lifetime.