Superhuman Protocol

To become superhuman healing has to start at the cellular level

The Superhuman Protocol is ideal for those searching for greater health and longevity. Optimizing these elements in the right order by using the most advanced technology has been shown to slow the aging process, accelerate healing, increase cellular energy, and maintain alkalinity. The benefits are compelling no matter if you’re 80, in a wheelchair, or a Gold Medal Olympian.

We have combined three of our health rejuvenating therapies PEMF, EWOT, and Red Light therapy. Individually each of these have amazing benefits on healing, health, and performance. Combining all three in the correct order maximizes their impact and creates the Superhuman Protocol.

The superhuman protocol was designed to maximize the effectiveness of these three proven technologies by stacking each in the right order. By doing this we can biohack the body and become superhuman. The order of this strategy is important. First charging the cells makes the body more alkaline and by charging the cell walls it allows the cells to separate allowing for more efficient oxygen absorption. This opens the window of opportunity in which oxygen training is enhanced. EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) can be 30% more effective after PEMF sessions. Increased plasma O2 levels and an increase in cell surface area optimize the benefits of absorption of Light therapy (Photo Biomodulation). Stacking these three systems reduces aging free radicals, increases ATP production for healing and performance. By combining these three elements earth’s magnetism (PEMF), wind (oxygen), and fire (red light photons) from the sun we can become Superhuman.

Magnetic fields help alkalize the body and support proper blood flow.

The first step is PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field therapy). You lay on a body mat and are bathed in a PEMF waveform simulating Earth’s magnetic field. During this “charge” your blood cell’s voltage increases, thereby causing them to separate, allowing for more oxygen and nutrient absorption to be carried to the 11 organ systems. Normal pH is restored. Vasomotion, the rhythmic contraction of micro vessels to deliver oxygenated blood to peripheral tissues (which the heart cannot reach) is restored to its normal function and frequency.

Adaptive exercise with EWOT (Exercise with Oxygen Therapy)
Oxygen boosts immunity, and energy and increases metabolism.
The second step is EWOT. You exercise for up to 15 minutes breathing 93+% O2 while interval sprinting. Many conditions cannot thrive in highly oxygenated bodies and ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is optimally produced allowing for faster recovery, healing, and improved endurance

PBM (PhotoBioModulation)
Reduces oxidative stress at the cellular level & decreases pain.

The third is PBM (photobiomodulation) which is the exposure to Red and Near-infrared light. This is a relaxing, non-thermal session of multiple wavelengths of light Red 635nm and NIR 880nm photons (light) are absorbed by the cell which kicks out aging and damaging free radicals to restore energy production at the cellular level. When this is achieved, inflammation is reduced and the healing of wounds, tendons, muscles, tissues and nerves is encouraged.