Biomechanical Corrective Exercise


The human body is an amazing machine. Our team of trainers will get you back to doing the things you love. We utilize a revolutionary Functional Movement Assessment; to analyze the health of your movement patterns so that you can begin to develop corrective approaches to get your body to a healthier, pain-free state!

We do this by looking at three key components of movement: the joints, muscles, and the nervous system (motor control) which connect everything together. If we can identify and remove the dysfunction in these three areas, the body’s function and performance return.


A movement dysfunction is also called a compensation. This is the body’s response to muscle imbalance, insufficient strength, decreased mobility, instability, and altered balance. A breakdown in any or all of these can keep you from performing. Essentially what happens is one borrows from one muscle group to pay another. This taxes the body and if left uncorrected over time, this can lead to injury and we do not want that!

Our goal is to ensure your body movements are functional and strong enough to maintain a health that will last a lifetime. If you have any questions regarding physical rehabilitation, call us today at (508) 896-7277.