Kinetisense Functional Movement Technology

Objective Assessments for any Movement Condition

Imagine being to see yourself move and be able to measure exactly how each joint is moving. With Kinetisense we are able to do this. This 3D markerless motion capture system that provides valuable information into the movement quality of the human body. It measures mobility, stability, balance, and posture of patients and athletes. 

Real-Time Biofeedback

We can offer real-time answers to how you move. By performing a functional movement screen we quantify how you move and give corrective exercises based on your imbalances. With future assessments showing how you are improving.

The Motion assessment, analyzes 12 evidence-based movements in 3 minutes to provide objective assessments tri-planar motor control, stability and flexibility. These assessments make it easy to see where movement requires correction.

Following performing the required movements, a simple-to-understand summay of the top 6 areas o potential concern in regard to mobility and stability.

Mobility deficits mean the joint does not have adequate range of motion (thik feeling stif or stuck). This would require what we call "WD-40" exercises. Stability deficits mean the joint and surrounding muscles do not have good control during movement (think being wobbly or sloppy movement). This would require"Duct Tape" exercise to help wih control of the specific joint in question.

Real Time Balance and Risk of Falling Assessment.

Measure your risk of falling before it happens. Loss of balance and falling are one of the top reasons why our seniors lose their independent living. Let us assess and one of our corrective exercise specialists can set up an exercise program to keep you playing and independent.

See your Posture in Real time.

Sample Balance Report