weight loss

Are you ready to make weight loss easy?

92% of Americans gain back the weight they have lost once their diet ends. Here is why, and how to make sure you escape the post-diet vortex.


Why do most people gain weight back?

1. Most people lose muscle in addition to fat (on average 50% muscle / 50% fat).
– Muscle loss reduces the body’s calorie-burning engine
– When the body burns less calories, you have to eat far less calories to maintain your weight

2. Misinformation about weight-maintenance foods-
– Sometimes we make choices that we think are good but in fact, are not. Going back to old, unhealthy habits because of a lack of knowledge can derail hard work and results.

3. Unaddressed Functional health imbalances-
– It is often these imbalances that caused the problem in the first place, and the imbalances can prevent people from maintaining weight loss over time.

4. Unknown food intolerances-
– Food intolerances can cause water retention, inflammation, and additional health problems.

5. Doing weight loss incorrectly can make people feel bad physically and fail –
– Hunger, cravings, or fatigue can be present when weight loss is not done well and can prevent people from meeting their goals and maintaining progress.

We offer a supervised program that addresses all of these issues. This food-based program is easy to follow and sustainable. By addressing functional imbalances such as nutritional deficiencies and chronic conditions, the root causes are addressed, and long-term weight loss is achieved.

In this manner, people feel great with NO hunger or cravings while having great energy and a positive mental state so as to stay on the program until weight loss goals are met. Most important, people learn correct food habits to support weight loss over time and healthy blood sugar.

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Barbara L in her first 5-week program dropped from 198 lbs down to 182 lbs. Of the 16 lbs lost 14.8 lbs were fat. She also lost 17.5 inches (7 body measurements) “This was the easiest program to follow. Eat real food and the ketone test lets you know that you are on track.”

Lisa F. started the program as a 200lbs breast cancer survivor stuck and couldn’t kick the sugar habit. In her first 5-week program she lost 18.2lbs of fat and kept all of her muscle. She continued on the program and started personal training. 14 months later weighed in at 145lbs. She has been an inspiration watching her go through the program and how it changed her life.